Gonna Live it like i want to

Today I wanted out.. so I drove my scooter and my self (yh it didn’t drive off by its self tho 😛 ) to Whimberly sim, to have a look at the place and have a rest, buying icecream *nom nom* before I went back home.

summer just have some pretty strong colors, so i of course needed my NEXOR – Munro Shadez, they all bling and diamonds, such pretty things! My cute tied top, from Sweet Evil was a brilliant choice in this warm weather as its almost opend, no wonder the males look as i’m driving through in the wind. oh btw, you will get a package og 1000 possible color options if you choose to buy it! ;-p

my sweat pants are from Facepalm and i believe they actually could fit what ever bodie there on the market, i got them in 10 colors to choose from, so i’m able to mix and match whatever i wear *yaaay* you will as well if you gonna pick them up! they are definitely a must for that kinda girl who sure don’t feel a shamed showing off her lazy kinda side in public! 😛

Now we are talking about lazy, i took off in my cute flipflops from REIGN.- OMBRE MELLON STATMENT SLIDES typtoes or flat, your choice ;-D yh I know I’m that kinda Lazy person who actually could live in her flipflops…

“THE” Scooter, my bebe is from Haven Poses and makes you able to move around the thing in three different poses *fun fun* its not drive able tho! you can try, not sure your conna get far tho :p


ღ Enjoy ღ

xx ८૦૦қɿ૯

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