All I See Is Purple

Today its Saturday (Where i am it is :-p ) and I feel like Rocking, dressing up and just go purple n’ All *Rock on peeps*



well Its not a secret that I’m a huge TRUTH fan, both the new and the older ones just look fab on every avi, so today i’m wearing Rumi – light browns with a really cute headband as well.

I was on my FLF Round (Fifty Linden Friday) this morning, and coz of the time differences around the world I was lucky to grab some Nicely done makeup from Veechi there is appliers for Catwa and Leluka, so no exuse not to go get them while you still Can, Eye and lips with several options is only 50L – Lashes are 99L

The cute and sexy Black corset “La Femme” from Facepalm Is a new store release, get on going, it makes an exuse to look at every other nice items in there 🙂

The CoCo heels are a product from Tooty Fruity they are available as a exclusive item at Hash Tag Glam Event  sold as single pair in different colors or as a fatpack, Event is active, so go get them, while you can ❤

Pose are from my latest sponsor Rage Pose Factory He makes great poses for an affordable and fair price. For this picture I used “Where are you now” 

Background is a backdrop from RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Blue Neon Catwal & you can find it at BACKDROPCITY

Think Thats pretty much it for Now, Cya later Cupcakes ❤

ღ Enjoy ღ

xx ८૦૦қɿ૯



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