It Isn’t In my Blood

Was waiting  on the promis you made, and you never showed up… was laying here falling in to the deep, but without you.  the ruins of us, are they even meant to raise from the grave?, Not sure there is  anything left or any way back to how it was…

Closing my eyes before waking up to reality…


🎶Sometimes I even feel like giving up, But I can’t…. It isn’t in my Blood!🎶

CooKie Is Wearing: DOUX  Bambi Hairstyle (Naturals) UNRIGGED  –  ::BLOSSOM:: Rebel Strapped Harness Is a former Event Items, but now available in store. det harness is a two pieces set with a color HUD to go with it, leather look and with metal rings to combine it together both on the top back and the panties front. Very cute and naughty, even for the sweet girls, as it covers up pretty good 🙂  –  once more I’m wearing these Piper Barbed Pumps from *SOHOe SHOeS* which I kinda did fall in love with, never thought i could wear wire without them hurting my precious feet, but I could and they are simply stunning, they comes with a color and wire HUD, so you can make them yours! to fit the outfit that ur wearing, very easily, with just a click, they are available at The Darkness Event until May 28th 

Pose: eTc Poses Laying 11  – Background: stockholm attic 2.0 [ba] barnesworth anubis


ღ Enjoy ღ

xx ८૦૦қɿ૯


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